I’ve got asked quite frequently by you my customers if it is possible to order printouts directly from a printshop and the good news is, it is now! End of last year we have implemented a connection with our first printshop and we are working on connecting more. This allows you to order printouts with 3 simple steps directly from GroupDraw. First add all the files you like to print in the printbasket. For your convenience you can not only add single files but complete categories and/or projects. Once you have your files selected you can quickly select your requested formats and versions to print, choose delivery and recipient addresses and you are good to go. It is that simple.

Of course we have also made a nice description and video available in our help so that you have it always just a click away. To see our help entry just click here

And yes I made a little video for you so you can see it in action (1:42 minutes)