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FAQ – Frequently asked questions


What do I have to pay?

As in DropBox or other cloud storage services you get a fixed amount of total storage for a fixed monthly fee. Is all the storage used you cant upload anymore drawings. Now you have the choice to delete or archive old projects or switch to a subscription with more storage.

Which uploads do count to my storage limit?

All uploaded drawings and each of their versions count to your storage limit. However all the photos and attachements uploaded inside of the discussions do not count to the storage limit and are free.

What happens if the storage is full?

No worries your cost wont increase. If the storage is full you wont be able to upload additional drawings. However you can still continue to discuss on the already uploaded drawings. To be able to upload further drawings you have following options:

  1. Make space by deleting or archiving old projects
  2. Switch to a subscription with more storage.


I would like to try GroupDraw. Is there a test version?

Sure! GroupDraw accounts are all free. Just click here to SIGN-UP for FREE.

With a new company you will even get 20 free plan-months to start with. This should help you to get started. For detailed pricing information after that click here.

I was invited to GroupDraw. Do I have to pay to use it?

No. You can use all features of GroupDraw for free for an unlimited time. Just click here SIGN-UP for FREE. Only the company that owns a project needs to pay. For detailed pricing information click here.

Which languages do you support?

The tool is in English, the tutorials in English and German. French and Italian are planned for a later time.

Is there a limit to how many plans/files I can upload?

Our pricing works like a prepaid phone contract. You buy plan-months upfront and for each uploaded drawing you pay 1 plan-month a month. For more detailed pricing information click here

How do I collaborate on GroupDraw?

GroupDraw is discussion based. This means that you can start a new discussion on any drawing where you can write to each other and add pictures. You are also able to mention people using the @ to assign them to the discussion. This way you can actively notify somebody and he will from now on be involved in the decision process. Last but not least a discussion also features a status (OPEN, CLOSING, CLOSED, IMPLEMENTED or ARCHIVED).

How many plan-months do I need for my project?

This strongly depends on your project; however, it is easy to calculate. For each month and each drawing you need one plan-month. This means for a project that runs over 10 months, and for which you expect to have a total of 300 drawings, we recommend you order 3000 plan-months. For more detailed pricing information click here.

How many people can collaborate on a project or drawing?

There is no limit. You pay depending on the amount of active drawings per month, no matter how many users from your own company and guests from other companies have access to your project.

Which software do I need?

There is no installation needed. You only need a modern browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc…) to log in.

Security and Privacy

Are my files safe?

Your files are protected by an SSL layer and hosted on GERMAN or SWISS data centers.

How can I manage the access of others to my drawings

Sharing rights are managed on a project or category level.
Note: If you upload drawings into your project you can manage those with whom you are sharing a drawing. If you upload drawings to a project of somebody else, they can manage the sharing rights. In this case you have provided them with the rights to share your drawing.

Can the drawings/files be safely deleted?

An Admin of a company can archive and delete a drawing or project in that order. A deleted drawing or project is indefinitely deleted and can’t be retrieved.

Are all discussions tracked on the server?

Yes. We mark each entry of a discussion with the user and a timestamp. In this way, you can see later on who said what at which point in time. Furthermore, we lock all discussions 30 minutes after their creation, so that they can be altered or deleted.


How can I keep my projects structured?

GroupDraw provides a search as well as categories within the projects. This, in combination with the optional drawing number, allows a very efficient way to structure even highly complex projects.

Note: Drawings can be assigned to multiple categories at the same time without duplicating them.

Which file types can I upload?

Currently we support the following formats:

Drawings: PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF (The support of DWG is planned for a later time)
Pictures (within discussions): JPG, PNG and GIF

Note: We support multi-page PDF. However, 3D and multi-layer PDFs are not supported at this time.

Does it work on Phones, Tablets?

Tablets: Works properly with any common tablet browser.
Phones: Works with any common phone browser; however, it is not optimized for small screens and thus the user experience might be limited.

Can I edit plans/files on GroupDraw?

No, GroupDraw is a collaboration tool and not a drawing tool. To edit a drawing, please use your preferred CAD tool.

Can the discussions be exported/printed?

We strongly believe, that efficient communication can only happen if it is all in one place. Therefore we prohibit the export of the discussions to avoid having several outdated versions floating around.

Which software do I need?

There is no installation needed. You only need a modern browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc…) and go to to log in.

Does GroupDraw allow version control?

Yes! Versioning of your drawings is an essential part of GroupDraw. You can upload as many versions of a drawing as you like and assign them one of these statuses: PRELIMINARY, FINAL, INVALID to keep track of them. Further versions in which a discussion was started and implemented are tracked.

Does it work offline?

No. GroupDraw does require the internet to work. However GroupDraw is optimized to work with minimal data use.

Can I annotate images to the drawings?

Yes! Images can be added to each discussion on every place of your drawing.

Can I measure distances on drawings?

Yes, we have implemented a measurement tool. However, there is no area measurement tool at this moment. This is planned for the future, though.

Can I download drawings?

Yes, if the project owner wants you to. However he has the option to deactivate the download so don’t wonder if the download icon is crossed out.

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